This document describes an older version of Celery (2.1). For the latest stable version please go here.

Built-in Task Classes - celery.task.builtins

class celery.task.builtins.AsynchronousMapTask

Task used internally by dmap_async() and TaskSet.map_async().

name = 'celery.map_async'
run(serfun, args, timeout=None, **kwargs)

alias of backend_cleanup

class celery.task.builtins.ExecuteRemoteTask

Execute an arbitrary function or object.

Note You probably want execute_remote() instead, which this is an internal component of.

The object must be pickleable, so you can’t use lambdas or functions defined in the REPL (that is the python shell, or ipython).

name = 'celery.execute_remote'
run(ser_callable, fargs, fkwargs, **kwargs)
  • ser_callable – A pickled function or callable object.
  • fargs – Positional arguments to apply to the function.
  • fkwargs – Keyword arguments to apply to the function.
class celery.task.builtins.PingTask

The task used by ping().

name = ''
Returns:the string "pong".
class celery.task.builtins.backend_cleanup
name = 'celery.backend_cleanup'

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