This document describes an older version of Celery (2.5). For the latest stable version please go here., key=None, cert=None, store=None, digest='sha1', serializer='json')

Setup the message-signing serializer.

Disables untrusted serializers and if configured to use the auth serializer will register the auth serializer with the provided settings into the Kombu serializer registry.

  • allowed_serializers – List of serializer names, or content_types that should be exempt from being disabled.
  • key – Name of private key file to use. Defaults to the CELERY_SECURITY_KEY setting.
  • cert – Name of certificate file to use. Defaults to the CELERY_SECURITY_CERTIFICATE setting.
  • store – Directory containing certificates. Defaults to the CELERY_SECURITY_CERT_STORE setting.
  • digest – Digest algorithm used when signing messages. Default is sha1.
  • serializer – Serializer used to encode messages after they have been signed. See CELERY_TASK_SERIALIZER for the serializers supported. Default is json.

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